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Lisa Haliday received the Taylor Regional Hospital Hero Award on November 7, 2013 at the TRH Annual Service Awards Banquet held at Campbellsville University. 
Haliday is an RN in Care Management.  The following was said about Haliday on her nomination form, “Lisa provides care to the patients and helps at the desk when a clerk is unavailable and nurses are unavailable.  She enjoys playing in the garden, canning vegetables and likes to bake apple pies.  Lisa is a member of Lowell Ave Baptist Church, and assists with Sunday School.  She is actively involved with TCHS Band projects with her daughter, Jessie.  She helps with the hospitality room and food at the events.  She considers herself a GREAT aunt because she keeps in touch with all of her nieces and nephews.”
Lisa has been employed at TRH for 27 yrs.  She is married to Mike Haliday and they have two children, Jessi and Levi. 
Other nominees for this award included:  Jessica Browning, Debbie Bryant, Debbie Carrico, Patricia Gaddie, Peggy Hatton, Flossie Rowe, Andrea Settle and Donna Wilcher.

Richard Phillips received the Taylor Regional Hospital Legend Award on November 7, 2013 at the TRH Annual Service Awards Banquet held at Campbellsville University. 
Phillips is a 25-year team member of Taylor Regional Hospital and is the Staff Development Coordinator of the Learning & Resource Center.  The following was said about Richard on his nomination form, “Richard is very committed to work even though he has had some health problems.  During the Competency Fair he handles PCTs and CNAs by himself without any other help.  He has expanded the Training Center to include other sites which benefitted TRH by increasing revenue and further reaches other communities.  He is big on safety committee and he takes care of the Blood Glucose Machines and assures they work accurately and all maintenance is complete.  Richard is a local community magistrate and a member of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church. “
Richard is married to Marnie Phillips.  He has four children-Edlynn, Lauren, Hannah and John.  He has one grandson-Aiden.
Other nominees for this awarded included:  Barbara Abell, Jim Sabo and Dreama Spalding.


Taylor Regional Hospital recently held a ribbon cutting to celebrate new and expanded services including the Vein Center, Wound Healing Center, Infusion Center, Chapel and Gift Shop.  “We are so pleased to be able to bring the level of service to our community and regional area,” says Jane Wheatley, CEO.  “These new and expanded services ensure that our family and friends will be able to access excellent health care close to home.”

The Vein Center is a new service featuring procedures for venous disease.  Drs. James Watkins and Graham Englund are the doctors performing these treatments. 

The Wound Healing Center has been a part of TRH for several years, however they recently relocated inside the main hospital to increase patient convenience.  Dr. Eugene Shively is the medical director of the Wound Healing Center. 

The Infusion Center is also not a new service, however with their new expanded area, more patients will be able to access this service.  They provide infusion treatments such as antibiotics on an outpatient basis.

Of course, the Chapel and Gift Shop are not new.  The Chapel has relocated from their previous location in the front of the hospital to an area vacated by the surgery department.  The new Chapel space is actually its original location from many years ago.  With the relocation, the Chapel is larger and more private.  As a result of the chapel move, the Gift Shop expanded into the vacated space.  The Gift Shop has continued to grow and improve over the past few years and needed the space.  The Gift Shop is completely staffed by TRH Auxiliary Volunteers and part of their proceeds go directly back to the hospital each year to provide services and equipment to meet patient needs.

L to R: Gwen Bowen, Ticiane Lucas, Patricia Murphy, Cami Cundiff, Jeremy Wolford, Sam Thompson,
LeeAnn Parrish and Tracie Perry.
Taylor Regional Hospital recently recognized Support Services Team Member of
the Year nominees and a team member of the year was awarded.

Cami Cundiff, Materials Management, was awarded the Team Member of the Year. This was said about Cami, “Cami is a dedicated worker for the Materials Management Department. She is always willing to help every department in any way possible with their supply need. She is constantly updating our Materials
Management supply listings for every product in the Meditech System.

Cami has worked at TRH since August 31, 2001. She is married to Shannon Cundiff and they have two sons, Kyler age 12 and Ryder age 6.

Other nominees were: Ticiane Lucas, Accounting; Tracie Perry, Business Office; Patricia Murphy, ESD; LeeAnn Parrish, HCIS; Kathy Coulter, IT; Jeremy Wolford, Nutritional Svcs; Sam Thompson, Plant Operations and Gwen Bowen, Registration.
Taylor Regional Hospital held the annual Nurse of the Year and annual Nurse Extender of the Year Awards on May 6, 2013. The Nurse of the Year and Nurse Extender of the Year are chosen by their peers.

The nominees were:
Tasha Garrett, RN; Carolyn Buckman, RN; Debra Rutledge, LPN and Patty Yaden, RN.

The Nurse of the Year is Patty Yaden. Patty has been a team member at TRH since 2001. She and her husband, David, have three children, Lauren, Emily & Nick.

Some comments that were made about Patty were:

“Patty is a very caring nurse who is always helping other nurses and nursing assistants and is very knowledgeable in the ICU/Telemetry areas. Patty is a great teacher and friend. She always looks for ways to further others’ knowledge.”

“She is a great nurse. She is always answering people’s questions and doesn’t seem to mind. She is always very helpful and is a great teacher. Patty is great to work with, especially as a new nurse like myself. Patty has been very encouraging. She is a nurse that I would want working if a family member of mine was brought to TRH.”
Taylor Regional Hospital recently recognized Clinical Services Team Member of the Year nominees and a team member of the year was awarded.

Nancy McLean-Dix, Medical Assistant at Taylor Regional ENT, was awarded the Team Member of the Year. This was said about Nancy, “Nancy goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we are providing the best possible care to our patients. She puts the needs of the patients first no matter what. Nancy is always “on call” for patients no matter if it’s day or night. She calls and checks on them to make sure they don’t have questions or need anything. No matter what happens in the office, Nancy is always
caring, energetic and enthusiastic. She is willing to do whatever is needed for patients and co-workers. Nancy is the right hand of assistance in helping the physicians and allied staff members take care of
patients. She represents the values of an outstanding team member and is an asset to Taylor Regional.”

Nancy has worked for the ENT practice for 33 years and Taylor Regional Hospital since January 2011.

She is married to Maurice and has 2 children – Maryann Sapp and John McLean. Nancy has four grandchildren – Ethan Sapp and Clay, Cole and Carlee McLean. Nancy is a member of Bethel First Presbyterian Church.

Other nominees were: Candace Conder, Taylor Rural Health; June Hoskins, Taylor Regional Care Center and Amber Scott, Taylor Rural Health.
The TRH Wound Healing Center recently celebrated its anniversary. The healthcare specialists at the Wound Healing Center provide a treatment plan designed specifically for the patient’s individual needs.

The healthcare specialists at the Wound Healing Center provide a treatment plan designed specifically for the patient’s individual needs. Our comprehensive approach to wound care can help you pick up where you left off before your wound occurred. The Wound Healing Center has
a healing rate of over 95%.

Conditions Managed at the Wound Healing Center include chronic non-healing wounds such as arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, pressure ulcers, traumatic ulcers & lacerations, and venous ulcers. Other types of wounds commonly seen and treated at the center are acute wounds, surgical wounds, Osteomyelitis, Fasciitis, abscesses, and burns.

The professional staff at the center include Eugene Shively, MD, a General Surgeon and Medical Director of the Wound Healing Center who has over 30 years of experience in wound care; Susan Shively, a Registered Nurse First Assistant and a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over 25 years of experience taking care of surgical patients and six years in wound care; Lisa Aaron, RN has over 12 years of experience in wound care and geriatrics; and
Jessica Browning, LPN has over eight years of medical/surgical experience and six years of wound care.

Front Row, L to R: Jane Wheatley, CEO; Michelle Leach, Kathy Coulter, Jennifer Judd and Lindsey Walker.
Back Row, L to R: David Schuhmann, David Massengale, CFO; Gary Neat, Healthcare Information Management Director; Jeff Perry, and Andrew Blair.

Not pictured are Sheila Hayes and Bethany Sprowles.
Taylor Regional Hospital Achieves Stage 6 Recognition

As of May 2013, just 9.8 percent of the more than 5,400 U.S. hospitals tracked by HIMSS Analytics had reached Stage 6 on its Electronic Medical Record Adoption ModelSM (EMRAM). As of May 2013, there are 533 US
hospitals that have achieved Stage 6.

Taylor Regional Hospital was recently recognized as a Stage 6 Hospital. Stage 6 refers to the electronic medical record (EMR) adoption model developed by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) in 2005. The model is used to evaluate the effectiveness of
EMR systems in hospitals throughout the country.

Taylor Regional Hospital achieved Stage 6 using Meditech’s Client Server platform. TRH partnered with Meditech in 2007 and began work on its enterprise wide information system. Through this partnership
the hospital has been able to meet the rigorous requirements of Stage 1 of the HITECH act as well. The system serves as the information source and documentation tool from the admission process thru clinical documentation and resulting. TRH staff utilizes the system to improve quality and safety thru automated error checking, positive patient identification, clinical decision support, and up-to-date access to patient results and clinical documentation. All of which are requirements of Stage 6.

Receiving the Stage 6 HIMSS designation means a hospital has:
· Made significant executive commitments and investments.
· A significant advantage over competitors for patient safety.
· Almost fully automated/paperless medical records for inpatient care.
· Evaluated care delivery and is making significant improvements in this area.
· Made investments and recognize the value of an EMR in improving patient care.
· Have effectively utilized information technology to improve the patient safety environment.
· Are able to provide data to payers, the government, physicians, consumers and employers to
support electronic health record environments and health information exchanges.
The criteria to meet Stage 6 requirements are very similar to the Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria set forth in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. TRH was recognized for achieving the Meaningful Use criteria in ____________, making the hospital eligible to receive federal reimbursement for a portion of the dollars spent to bring the hospital’s information technology resources up to the Meaningful Use and Stage 6 standards.