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For excellent emergency care visit our ER. Always call 911 if you are experiencing Chest Pain.

Ways to Give

Taylor Regional Hospital is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health of our community. Charitable giving has long been an integral part of healthcare's success. From donations of land and capital, the current hospital facility was built. Through the existing Tree of Life program, gifts have been given to the hospital in honor or memory of loved ones... Learn More

Taylor Regional Hospital is the second largest employer in Campbellsville and Taylor County with over 700 employees, including PRNs. Taylor Regional Hospital provides employment opportunities for many different specialties and services.

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Our Team

The Hospitalist Team at Taylor Regional is comprised of highly qualified, experienced individuals who specialize in caring for our patients while they are in the hospital. Our hospitalists will work closely with your regular physician to make sure you receive excellent care during your stay with us.

Think of them as your in-hospital specialists. The sole-responsibility of our hospitalists is caring for you during your hospital stay, from the time you are admitted to overseeing discharge instructions for you and your primary care clinician once you leave the hospital.

Sean DeSimone, DO

Brandon Frank, DO

Ashley Nelson, APRN

Stephen Hinton, MD

Marie Dudley, APRN

LaRee Bell-Shively, APRN

Program Overview

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician or nurse practitioner whose primary professional focus is to direct the care of our hospitalized patients. Hospitalists treat inpatients exclusively.

Be aware that you may not interact with the same Hospitalist during your stay. Our team usually rotates every seven days starting on Mondays. Though you may not be working with the same person the entire time, Hospitalists are very diligent about keeping records of your care and communicating important information to the person taking over your care.

Hospitalists are available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during your stay at Taylor Regional Hospital. Since you may not be seen at the same time every day, it's best to let your nurse know you are requesting a specific time if possible for you and/or your family to speak with the Hospitalist. If you have multiple family members, we do ask that you please designate one person to be the contact during your stay.

Why is a Hospitalist caring for me?

The hospitalists see patients who are in the hospital. Your family doctor may only be seeing patients in the office and may have asked the hospitalist to see you while you are at Taylor Regional Hospital. The emergency room doctor or another doctor may have referred you to the hospitalist service to help manage your care.

Do Hospitalists replace my primary care provider?

Hospitalists do not replace your primary care provider; they work closely with your primary care physician and in conjunction with our specialists when needed. The hospitalists encourage patients to follow up with their primary care provider after discharge from the hospital. Their activities include patient care, teaching, research, and leadership related to hospital medicine.

What if I need another specialist while in the hospital?

If the Hospitalist believes you should see a specialist they can arrange for this as necessary. If you have already been seeing other doctors elsewhere, be sure to let us know so that we can keep them informed about your hospital stay.

Will I see the Hospitalist for an appointment after I leave the hospital?

No. You will not have an appointment to see the hospitalist again after discharge. You will be instructed to schedule a follow-up appointment with your family (primary care) doctor when you are discharged from the hospital.

Also at discharge, the hospitalist will provide prescriptions for medications that you may need related to your hospitalization. The hospitalist service will not provide any medication refills once you have been discharged from the hospital. You will need to contact your family (primary care) doctor. Your family (primary care) doctor will review your health status and reconcile your medication list to ensure a smooth transition.
Most importantly, take your medicine list and your discharge information to your first follow-up appointment.

Hospitalist Mission Statement

We will be the premier inpatient adult medical service in Central Kentucky. We will serve our patients with dedication to the highest standards of quality and compassion, constantly striving to adhere to current, evidence-based practices. We will serve our colleagues by fostering a mutually supportive professional environment, offering assistance with clinical care and with administrative burdens.

We will serve Taylor Regional Hospital by participating in all aspects of clinical care, by being leaders in compliance with documentation requirements, by practicing cost-conscious stewardship of medical resources and by championing ongoing efforts to improve care provided to patients at Taylor Regional Hospital.

Our Team of Hospitalists at Taylor Regional Hospital THANK YOU for letting them provide you with excellent care!

Hospitalist Program
Contact Information:

Calen Caldwell,
Hospitalist Coordinator
Phone: 270.789.6082
Fax: 270.789.6080
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