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Ways to Give

Taylor Regional Hospital is dedicated to preserving and enhancing the health of our community. Charitable giving has long been an integral part of healthcare's success. From donations of land and capital, the current hospital facility was built. Through the existing Tree of Life program, gifts have been given to the hospital in honor or memory of loved ones... Learn More

Taylor Regional Hospital is the second largest employer in Campbellsville and Taylor County with over 700 employees, including PRNs. Taylor Regional Hospital provides employment opportunities for many different specialties and services.

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Privacy Policy/HIPAA

HIPAA Compliance

What is HIPAA?
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA for short) was signed into law in August of 1996 by President Bill Clinton. HIPAA began its life as the Kennedy-Kassenbaum Bill, introduced by Senators Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Nancy Kassenbaum of Kansas.

HIPAA is a large and complex piece of legislation that deals with many issues, some of which do not directly affect consumers of health care services. For patients and health care providers HIPAA raises the awareness for the privacy of an individual's protected health information to a level not previously known. HIPAA affects everyone in this country in some way. For the patient it insures a level of privacy protection and rights not had before and for the healthcare worker it changes, in many ways, how they do their job.

The Privacy portion of HIPAA became effective on April 14, 2003 . We at Taylor Regional Hospital have always respected the private and confidential nature of what we do and it is our intention to be compliant with the HIPAA standards.

Taylor Regional Hospital position on HIPAA
At Taylor Regional Hospital the privacy of your health information has always been at the forefront of our emphasis. New employees are trained in the confidential nature of what we do and the expectation of treating patient information confidentially is continually re-enforced.

Taylor Regional Hospital has implemented several safeguards, both administrative and technical in order to assure that we comply with the law. TRH has designated a Privacy Officer as well as a Security Officer. These individuals are responsible for the on-going assurance that our facilities are in compliance with the HIPAA standards. The Privacy Officer is also responsible for the development of policies and procedures that insure the protection of your health information as well as assuring that management staff trains our employees on those policies.

TRH is increasing safeguards that are already in place, both administrative and technical, to further protect patient information that is stored electronically on our computer systems.

Taylor Regional Hospital believes that the standards for the privacy of your health information, expressed in the HIPAA guidelines, are the right thing to do and we will continue our commitment to privacy and confidentiality by complying with the standards.

Taylor Regional Hospital Privacy Officer can be reached by telephone at (270) 789-6115.

Taylor Regional Hospital Security Officer can be reached by telephone at (270) 789-5789.

Notice of Privacy Practices

Taylor Regional Hospital has developed a Notice of Privacy Practice that denotes how medical information about you may be used and how you can access Protected Health Information (PHI).

To view the Taylor Regional Hospital Notice of Privacy Practice, please click here.
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